This NFL Player is Raising Awareness for Breast Cancer in a Big Way

Pittsburgh Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams is an avid supporter of spreading awareness for breast cancer — a cause that is very close to his heart.

In early October, the NFL player announced that his nonprofit organization, The DeAngelo Williams Foundation, will cover the cost of 53 mammograms at hospitals in Charlotte, N.C., and in Pittsburgh, according to TODAY.

Williams lost his mother, Sandra Hill, to breast cancer in 2014.

He also lost four of his aunts to breast cancer

But prior to their deaths, in 2009, Williams pushed to allow NFL players to wear pink cleats throughout October to support Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Today, during the month of October, players, cheerleaders, and coaches wear pink from their cleats to their helmets.

However, Williams isn't satisfied showing support for just one month — he wants to show his support for breast cancer by wearing pink all season long.

But the NFL told Williams that they will not allow players to do so.

"There is a long-standing policy for all players regarding uniforms that is league-wide for all 32 teams," said the NFL's vice president of football operations, Troy Vincent.

"The league works with the clubs and players to raise awareness collectively for breast cancer during the month of October."

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Photo Credit: Maddie Meyer via Getty Images