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Hear stories from the history-makers and glass-ceiling breakers of the past, present and future. From athletes and astronauts, to writers and revolutionaries, women’s stories matter now more than ever. Listen up. Hosted by MAKERS’ Amanda McCall.

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Making Herstory: Gloria Steinem & Little League's First Girl

In this episode: Gloria Steinem shares her wisdom (and her cell phone background), an 11 year-old girl makes sports history, and a pop quiz reveals just how much (or how little) New Yorkers know about women's history.

Making Heroes: The Superwomen Behind "Beauty and the Beast" & Marvel

In this episode: The screenwriter behind "Beauty and the Beast" fights to keep Belle out of the kitchen, a Muslim-American girl from Jersey becomes a superhero, and a 5-year-old boy worries about Wonder Woman.

Making #@&%*?!: Shonda Rhimes, Judy Blume, Jill Soloway & Uncensoring Women's Stories

In this episode: Shonda Rhimes' uncensored reading, Judy Blume's uncensored writing, and Jill Soloway uncensored.

Making Money: Oprah Winfrey, Billie Jean King & Why You Need A Raise
In this episode: Oprah Winfrey & Billie Jean King fight for equal pay & why you should too.

Making Your Own Way: Ava DuVernay, Alfre Woodard & Christy Haubegger
In this episode: Why Alfre Woodard, Ava DuVernay & Christy Haubegger don't need your permission.

Making Space For Women: Mae Jemison, Kathryn Sullivan & Feminist Plumbing
In this episode: Hear the remarkable story of NASA’s first African-American female astronaut, how Sally Ride learned to never let a guy back her bags, and a heroic female plumber conquers feminism’s final frontier.

Making Yourself Deaf
: Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sandra Cisneros & Marian Wright Edelman

In this episode: Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sandra Cisneros & Marian Wright Edelman on ignoring the haters and never giving up.

Making Change: Dolores Huerta, Roberta Kaplan & the Fight for Equal Rights
In this episode: Meet the women behind
“Sí se puede” and more on the case that changed LGBTQ+ history.