Poll Shows Women are More 'Scared' of the Election Than Men

According to a poll conducted by TIME and SurveyMonkey following the first presidential debate, women are much more scared than men about the results of this year's presidential election.

The poll asked 5,478 registered voters to choose from different feelings that they felt described the election. Fifty-three percent of female respondents said they were scared by the election, compared to just 37 percent of male respondents.

Overall, 48 percent of respondents said they were "disappointed," 46 percent were "scared," 23 percent were "sad, 15 percent were "excited," 9 percent were "satisfied," while 4 percent said, "I don't care that much."

Clinton supporters were also significantly more likely to feel scared by the election than Trump voters, with 52 percent of Clinton supporters saying they were scared compared to only 39 percent of Trump supporters.

For more on these results, check out the full survey here, and be sure to visit our election headquarters to learn more about our #policyMAKERS.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images