The Ponytail Posse and Rubies Shatter Stereotypes About Girls in STEM at Robotics Conference

From February 28 to March 1, Robotics Alley hosted its annual conference and exposition in Minneapolis, "which is on pace to become one of the world’s leading conferences on robotics and automation."

With nine of the event's 45 speakers being female and just two of the event's teams being female-centric, participants were well aware of the striking gender gap present across all STEM fields.

According to Star Tribune, the two "lady-centric groups that participated" in the conference and expo's "March of the Robots" were the Rubies and the Ponytail Posse, who were out to prove that just like boys, girls can succeed in the field.

"This is so empowering," 9th grader Mitra Kian of the Rubies told the Tribune. "This is the future."

Kian's teammates and the female robot creators of the Ponytail Posse are pushing to break the stereotypes of girls in STEM. One robot at a time.  

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Photo Credit: Robotics Alley/Facebook