President Obama Urges Every Man to Let Go of Sexism Before Voting

According to The Huffington Post, President Obama called on men to think about any bias they may have toward Hillary Clinton, who is in the running to become the first female president in U.S. history.

On Tuesday, at a Clinton campaign event in Ohio, Obama said, "I want every man out there who's voting to kinda look inside yourself and ask yourself, if you're having problems with this stuff, how much of it is that we're just not used to it? When a guy is ambitious and out in the public arena and working hard, well that’s okay. But when a woman suddenly does it, suddenly you're all like, well, why's she doing that?"

Obama also said Trump's sexist behavior would continue should he be elected president, "If you disrespected women before you were elected, you will disrespect women once you're president."

Watch his full speech below:

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