Princess Jasmine Has a "New Look" at Disney World

According to Movie Pilot, Princess Jasmine has an outfit change that some people are less than excited about.

In "Aladdin," Princess Jasmine's outfit was designed to be simplistic, resembling that of Arabian haram women.

Jasmine's classic look is a sea green, cropped tube top revealing her waist with sleeves for her arms, and matching pants and shoes.

But it is said that Disney World wanted to make a change.

There is no clear official reason behind Jasmine's costume change, but apparently Disney World still portrays Jasmine in her timeless movie two-piece look on their website.

There have been some speculations for Jasmine's change of outfit, with Inside The Magic stating:

"Some rumors point to complaints from guests of Jasmine's very revealing outfit, while others say it's just part of the costume re-design that previous Disney princesses in the parks have received."


Loved seeing these two today!

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Regardless of the reason for the change, Princess Jasmine will always be one of our favorite Disney princesses.

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Photo Credit: Courtesy of Danica Taylor's Instagram