How Princess Reema Is Changing Life for Women In Saudi Arabia

Princess Reema bint Bandar Al Saud, a 40-year-old entrepreneur, social activist, former CEO, and single mother, is opening doors for women in Saudi Arabia.

According to Fast Company, women in Saudi Arabia are forced to dress in full-length abayas and head scarves. Adult women must have permission from their fathers or male guardians to marry, study and travel.

Women comprise 60 percent of college students, but make up just 13 percent of the workforce, according to a Fast Company report.

In 2010, as CEO of Riyadh's Harvey Nichols (her family's luxury retail company), Princess Reema pioneered the hiring of women in the department store according to Fast Company.

She started the 10KSA, a female-only initiative generated, organized, and hosted by women. She also started a potentially groundbreaking breast cancer awareness campaign that aims to bring 10,000 women together at a Saudi women's college on December 12.

According to Fast Company, women in Saudi Arabia are especially vulnerable to late-stage diagnoses because of cultural taboos against self-examination and an unwillingness to address the warning signs.

Fast Company reports that 10KSA, in conjunction with the National Health Care Screening Program, will offer free, on-site mammograms, as well as screenings for other diseases.

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Photo Credit: Amy E. Price via Getty Images