Pro-Life Republican Mother Writes Letter Defending Women's Rights and Right to Abortion

Renee Contreras De Loach is a pro-life Republican, stay-at-home mother of two, and a film believer that the government has no right to make any decisions on behalf of women.

She proudly participated in the global Women's March on Washington but was left unsettled after witnessing many anti-march posts.

"To all the women who believe they have plenty of rights and they are plenty equal… how do you think you got those rights? The short sightedness and historical amnesia at play here is dangerous," she wrote in a letter published on

De Loach explained in her letter exactly why she marched, sticking to five key points with hopes to introduce another perspective.

First, she addressed that IUDs are used for a number of health reasons, arguing that, "'Birth control' is only one use — it needs to be covered by insurance because it is necessary health care but many law makers disagree. I marched for critical services to remain covered."

Second, she addressed abortions, opening up about her "devastating" miscarriage 20 weeks ago.

"Many mothers have been forced to carry sick or crippled babies to term and deliver them even when they know the baby will die risking the mothers life and in some cases causing unnecessary prolonged physical suffering to these tiny humans. I marched for them," she wrote.

Third, she spoke of the tragedy her close friend suffered where her baby was growing without a skull would die immediately after birth. Her friend was induced and doctored "delivered" the baby.

"Technically, this is what some ignorant people are referring to as late term abortions and trying to BAN. I marched for her and me," she wrote.

Read her last two points from the full story here.

"I hope this helps people understand the wide range of issues around the world (50 countries) that women and men marched for," she said in the conclusion of her letter. 

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Photo Credit: Facebook/ Renee Contreras De Loach