Female Qatar Airways Flight Attendants Will No Longer Be Fired for These Reasons

Female flight attendants who work for Qatar Airways will no longer risk losing their job if they decide to get married or pregnant — thanks to an investigation by United Nations.

According to Think Progress, The International Labor Organization, the labor agency at the United Nations, concluded a yearlong investigation in June that found that the airline's policies required workers to notify the company when they became pregnant and were often fired once they did.

They also found that in Qatar Airways' previous contract, employees were required to get permission from the company prior to get married.

Since the investigation, the airline has made changes to its policies.

Pregnant employees are now offered temporary ground jobs instead of being dismissed, and employees can also get married at any time after they notify the company, according to Think Progress.

Qatar Airways policies on marriage and pregnancy were based on policies that were once widespread in the U.S.

Think Progress reports in the 1960s, stewardesses were forced to quit when they got married, and they had to comply with rules about their appearances, height, and weight.

These policies were dropped in 1973 when a federal court in Washington, D.C. ruled against a policy at Northwest Airlines.

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Photo Credit: MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP/Getty Images