Queen Elizabeth to Make History as Longest Serving British Monarch in British History

On Wednesday, Queen Elizabeth will become the longest serving British monarch in the country's history.

She will break the record that is currently held by her great-great-grandmother Queen Victoria, whose reign clocked in at 63 years and 7 months according to TIME.

Only four other British kings and queens have reigned 50 years or more, according to Yahoo.

The Queen's reign began in 1953 when she was just 25 years old, which has spanned over six decades.

For many, she is the only British monarch people know.

"You have to be a certain age to remember a time when she wasn't queen," royal historian Hugo Victors told the Chicago Tribune.

"The British by and large really rather love her and certainly respect her enormously," Vickers said. "She has given this country an extraordinarily subtle and quiet stability."

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Photo Credit: Ben Pruchnie/Getty Images