3 Reasons Why This Election Day Will Be Different Than the Rest

We all know this presidential election is very different from previous ones for many different reasons, but according to Bloomberg, these are a few of the reasons why election 2016 will be more unique than the rest:

1. There will be more votes cast this election
The number of Americans casting early votes, absentee, or mail-in ballots, could top 50 million this year — up from 46 million in 2012, which means about 40 percent of votes could already be in before November 8.

2. Who is actually benefiting from early voting?
Bloomberg reports that some theories mention that Clinton and Democrats are poised to benefit from early voting because of their advantage in organization.

3. TV networks have resisted calling winners until a given state's polls have closed
There's a wrinkle this year that might undermine the tradition of major television networks holding off declaring a new president until polls close on the West Coast. Exit polling is available to the networks and the Associated Press, which allows them to point out the winner hours before the polls close.

Bloomberg also reports that the public will know who won hours earlier than past elections. To read more of why this election will be unlike any other, click here.

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