Rebecca Adamson, Rita Mae Brown, Johnnetta Cole and Halle Tecco Join MAKERS!

We welcomed four new MAKERS to our community recently! Joining the powerful activists already in our community, we added author and activist Rita Mae Brown and global activist Rebecca Adamson. We also added Halle Tecco, a health care entrepreneur, and the groundbreaking scholar and college president, Johnnetta Cole.


Rebecca Adamson, an economist and global activist for indigenous people, founded First People Worldwide and First Nations Development Institute. She talks about the civil right movement for Indian people, rebelling as a teen and a woman she considers to be true politician, Wilma Mankiller.


Rita Mae Brown is an activist for women’s rights, and she is also the author of Rubyfruit Jungle, a coming-of-age tale that shocked many with its descriptions of lesbianism. She talks to us about the myth of gender differences, her interaction with Betty Friedan and what it was like to come out to her mom.


Halle Tecco is a health care entrepreneur and the co-founder and CEO of Rock Health, a startup accelerator for health care entrepreneurs. Her company works to bring together passionate entrepreneurs and new technology to change the world of healthcare. She explains why friendship is important in business, why appearance is not and how you should never take things personally.


Johnnetta Cole, a groundbreaking scholar and college president, was the first female African-American President of Spelman College. Now the director of the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art, Cole explains what it was like to have a feminist dad, how Bill Cosby helped her career and why she decided to get involved with the Smithsonian.