Why Reese Witherspoon Thinks It's Time for "Legally Blonde 3"

By Joanna Robinson

We all know that movie stars aren't usually the ones who decide whether or not a movie gets made. But a little actor-generated Internet buzz never hurt a movie’s cause, and in this case, the actor is also a very powerful producer. Reese Witherspoon thinks the time is ripe for "Legally Blonde 3" and has some ambitious plans for Elle Woods.

While appearing on "Fashionably Late" with Rachel Zoe, Witherspoon was asked where she stood on a third installment in the franchise that officially launched her as a box-office power player.

"I think we're ready to see Elle and see what she's up to lately," Witherspoon said. Though between a new film with Matt Damon from Election director Alexander Payne and a TV mini-series with Nicole Kidman, it's pretty likely Witherspoon wouldn't have time to relaunch the saga of Elle Woods any time soon. And Witherspoon also acknowledges that she's not the one to greenlight the film. "Call MGM, I have no idea!" she tells fans.

But Witherspoon does think Hillary Clinton's presidential race has created the perfect climate for another Elle adventure.

"A lot of writers over the years have come up with different ideas for it," Witherspoon said. "I actually think it's kind of great right now because we're talking about women in politics and how important that is to get more women. And I think it'd be kind of a cool thing to have her be a Supreme Court justice or someone who runs for office ... President? I mean ..."

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