Regina Wilson: Extinguishing Sexism in the FDNY

Regina Wilson: Extinguishing Sexism in the FDNY


Apr 4, 2016

Regina Wilson has been making history since she graduated from the New York Fire Academy in 1999, where she was the only woman in her graduating class. In addition to being only the 12th African-American woman in the FDNY, Regina is the first female President of the Vulcan Society, and a 9/11 first responder.

At The 2016 MAKERS Conference, Regina discussed the critical need to diversify the FDNY. "There are over 10,500 New York City firefighters. Only 49 of us are female. That's less than 0.5 percent... I have been a member of the FDNY for 16 years. We are the largest and most elite fire-fighting force in the world. We have a responsibility to do better."

In an effort to do better, the FDNY kicked off a year-long women's recruitment effort in March — one that hopes to encourage more women to join the FDNY with the help from a social media campaign #JoinFDNY that aims to target a younger audience of women who may never have even considered a job with the FDNY.

By sharing her story with MAKERS, Regina hopes to inspire a new generation of female firefighters and prove to young girls that no dream is off limits. Support Regina's effort to diversify the FDNY by sharing her MAKERS story with the world.

For more information on other brave women in the FDNY as well as information on training and mentorship for females interested in fire service, please visit the United Women Firefighters website.

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