Rent the Runway Opens Its First Flagship Store in New York City

Rent the Runway Opens Its First Flagship Store in New York City


Dec 7, 2016

When MAKER Jennifer Hyman and Jennifer Fleiss founded Rent the Runway (RTR) in 2009, there was no shopping experience like it. To this day, no fashion and/or retail company has quite reached its level of innovation and revolution.

RTR gives customers "access to remarkable luxury experiences" by allowing them to rent designer clothing for often less than half the retail price, keep and wear for a few days, and then return to have dry cleaned and sent to the next happy customer within hours.

On Wednesday, for the first time, RTR opened a flagship store where you can actually walk into your dream closet, browse your options, try on pieces of clothing, and rent them.


The dream closet has arrived in NYC check out our new digs on 15th street, open today!

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Located in Manhattan's Flatiron neighborhood, this new shop is out of every customer's fashion dreams. And, according to Hello Giggles, "There are no mannequins or clothing racks set up around the store... There are check-in stations near the entrance that help guide shoppers when they arrive at the store. The integrated smart technology gets their log-in information from the customer, so it's a completely seamless in-store experience... [and] since clothing is rented out every day, the inventory will be rotated daily."

As if the promise of the perfect everyday experience was not enough, the new store will host special events with partner brands until December 23.

These perks include (and are not limited to) a makeup bar courtesy of Blushington, a barre class courtesy of Pure Barre, a massage bar courtesy of Bliss, a treat display from Dylan's Candy Bar, and a juice bar courtesy of Pressed Juicery, so you won't want to miss visiting 30 West 15th Street before the holidays.

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Photo Credit: Kris Connor/Getty Images for Rent The Runway

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