Sorry Dad! New Research Shows Your Kids' Intelligence Probably Comes From Their Mom

As Redbook puts it so perfectly, "In the case of your intelligence, "I got it from my mama" couldn't be more accurate."

No, but seriously. A recent study by "Psychology Spot" shows that there is, in fact, a hereditary component to intelligence, which found that it's likely children get their intellect from their mothers.

This was proven for many different reasons, one of which is that since intelligence genes are located on X chromosomes and women have two (while men only have one), children are most likely to inherit their intelligence from the biologically female parent.

While genetics do play a large part in a child's intelligence, with an estimated 40-60 percent of intelligence being hereditary, studies do show that the remainder depends on "environment stimulation and personal characteristics."

So, who knows? Maybe with this revelation "gender stereotypes that survived over centuries are perhaps about to disappear."

One can only hope.

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Photo Credit: BJI/Blue Jean Images via Getty Images