4 Ways Ronda Rousey Rocked "The Ellen Show"

By Madeline Buxton

Ronda Rousey dominates her matches, and she has equally impressive moves outside the Octagon. Rousey, who was recently announced as the lead in the MGM remake of "Road House," appeared on "The Ellen Degeneres Show" yesterday to talk about throwing down her opponents, why it’s OK to cry and hinted at the creation of the ultimate #squad.

In case you missed it, here are four of our favorite Rousey x Ellen moments. 

1. She's funny — really funny
To show the audience a few of her signature fight moves, Rousey took "volunteer" DeGeneres' executive producer Andy Lassner into the ring. When Lassner playfully shoved Rousey, the champ held him under her fierce grip for a little longer than necessary as payback.

2. She's made impressive #SquadGoals
Rousey told DeGeneres that when she first started in MMA, she had three main things she dreamed of accomplishing: "I'm going to win the UFC Championship, Serena Williams is going to be my best friend and I'm going to go on Ellen." She's already accomplished two of those three (Ellen and the UFC Championship). Now, we're just waiting for the Serena hangout. 

3. She threw down
Rousey is no stranger to getting people talking and she did once again yesterday when she casually told Ellen that she’s the highest paid fighter in the UFC. At a time when unequal pay for female athletes is in the headlines (remember the World Cup?), it’s exciting to hear that Rousey is earning what she deserves. 

4. She has a soft side
"I'm the biggest cryer," Rousey told Ellen. "Especially during fight week, I'm the most emotional." While others might shy away from showing their softer side, Rousey, always a truth teller, said that it’s natural to need a release for all those feelings. To us, that's the ultimate show of strength.

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