This Ruling Brings the US One Step Closer to Complete LGBTQ Equality

After a very controversial House Bill 2 (HB2) was signed in North Carolina in March 2016, and subsequent boycotts ensued, a federal judge finally ruled that the "University of North Carolina system cannot enforce the part of the state's so-called 'bathroom bill' that restricts which restrooms transgender people can use."

In other words, HB2 — or said North Carolina bathroom law, which bans individuals from using public facilities not in correspondence with the sex designated on their birth certificates — has been blocked.

The judge who did so, Judge Thomas D. Schroeder, wrote in an 83 page order that he had "no reason to believe that an injunction returning to the state of affairs as it existed before... would pose a privacy or safety risk for North Carolinians, transgender or otherwise."

Here are the four key reasons why Schroeder chose to overturn the "bathroom bill," according to the order:
1. The bathroom restriction part of the bill violates Title IX.
2. Transgender individuals will "suffer irreparable harm in the absence of preliminary relief."
3. "The balance of equities weighs in favor of an injunction."
4. It is of public interest.

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Photo Credit: Dendron via Getty Images