Notorious RBG Just Got Her Own Coloring Book — Unicorn and Hotline Bling Included

MAKERS News Alert: Ruth Bader Ginsburg just got her own coloring book designed and produced in full glory by SheKnows, a platform that aims to inspire and empower women.

Though we're not surprised because RBG has a long track record breaking legal ground for women. Her incredible career is a reminder of how coloring outside the lines ultimately yields a richer, more robust picture.

She was the first female member of Harvard Law Review, and the first female tenured professor at Columbia University. She co-founded the first law journal in the U.S. exclusively covering women's rights, and argued six landmark cases on gender equality before the U.S. Supreme Court.

As if that wasn't enough, she is the second-ever female Supreme Court justice.

In 2009, when Ginsburg was gaining status as the lone female justice serving in the Supreme Court, she told a reporter in an interview: "Women belong in all places where decisions are being made."

We've got one word to describe her and her many accomplishments: Notorious.

Watch her exclusive MAKERS story where she explains how she became a trailblazer in law, argued her first case before the Supreme Court, and received tremendous support from her husband in a time when many women were expected to live in the shadow of their partners.

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The Ruth Bader Ginsberg coloring book of your dreams is finally here! Illustration and Caption Credit: SheKnows

She's straight up fantasy | "Riding to the rescue!" Illustration and Caption Credit: SheKnows

Used to call her on that cell phone | "SCOTUS knows all about that hotline bling." Illustration and Caption Credit: SheKnows

Call that RBG phone | "She's saving the day." Click here to see more of these printable coloring pages featuring the one and only RBG. Illustration and Caption Credit: SheKnows