MAKER Ruth Bader Ginsburg Writes to 8-Year-Old Girl, Who Deemed the Justice as Her "Super Hero"

On a day like "Superhero Day" at elementary schools, it's easy to imagine kids zipping around in capes, masks, and perhaps Wonder Woman costumes. But one third-grader captured national attention when she dressed as Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg: a real-life superhero.

Just recently, 8-year-old Michele heard from the MAKER herself. Ginsburg wrote her a letter after her staff saw the trending Facebook photo posted by the girl's mother, accompanied by the caption, "Yes World. Girls who read are dangerous."

"You look just like me," Ginsburg penned on Supreme Court stationery. "May you continue to thrive on reading and learning."

The student was inspired by Ginsburg's children's book "I Dissent," which chronicles her life.

According to New York Magazine's top picks of feminist children's books, "I Dissent" inspires girls to speak up and "disagree" if something goes against what they believe in. It also sheds light on the idea that life is about so much more than finding a husband.

"Justice Ginsburg really resonated with Michele and she began to identify with a lot of what she did, standing up for justice and inequality," said Michele's mom, Krista Threefoot, in an interview with ABC News. "She got really fired up that Justice Ginsburg was denied all these opportunities that boys had but she overcame them and also created opportunities for other people."

Yahoo! News noted that the third-grader has already sent Ginsberg a letter in response. See the original Facebook post of the costume below, and watch Ginsburg's exclusive MAKERS story in the player above.

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