Samantha Bee Creates "Full Frontal" Video for Women's Victory Passing Rape Kit Bill

On Wednesday, Samantha Bee aired a "Full Frontal" segment on the just-passed bill that allows the thousands of rape kits that were "sitting untested in evidence rooms around the country" from last year to be tested.

Passed by Democrat Rep Scott Holcomb, the original bill, "Pursing Justice for Rape Victims Act," was originally killed by Georgia State Senator and Republican Renee Unterman along with her officials.

The original bill would have already tested those rape kits in a timely manner, The Huffington Post reports.

Calling out Unterman in the video, Bee says that "contributing to the only thing worse than making a survivor go through a rape kit just to have it collect dust: getting rid of it completely" and gives a tribute to Holcomb in a "Schoolhouse Rock on steroids" animated clip.

Watch the video now:

Get to know MAKER Samantha Bee in the video player above.

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