Samantha Bee Naturally, Yet Unintentionally Stands Out From Competition In "Full Frontal"

If you've seen Samantha Bee's show, "Full Frontal," you know just how spunky her presence and personality are, making her unlike many of her male competitors. And, as one of only two women in late night television — along with fellow MAKER Chelsea Handler — Bee naturally stands out.

But, this is not something she always intended to do, she told Fortune. "I felt like I was on a journey with the audience... And we all watched and we were going, 'Oh, my God, that’s it! Hey! Wow!' ... It felt like we all had a moment, and then from there we felt free... When I walk away from the show after performing it, I feel great. I feel like I really got it out of my system."

Though she flaunts seemingly "patriarchy busting" humor, "Bee has proved that female-focused topics can have wide appeal: More than half of Full Frontal’s viewers, indeed, are men."

From responding to tragedies like the Orlando shooting to bringing commentary on political events such as the Republican National Convention, Bee's freedom to express her style and fresh personality did not always come easy, yet her hard work definitely paid off.

In fact, since debuting in February, "Full Frontal With Samantha Bee" has become "one of the freshest, strongest voices in late night... Even closing in on her former employer of 12 years, 'The Daily Show.'"

Watch Bee's exclusive MAKERS story in the video player above.

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Photo Credit: Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images for TBS