Samantha Bee's Twitter Response to an All-Male Late-Night TV Lineup Is Perfection

By Jenny Groza

Late-night television is, and always has been, a male-dominated industry. This fact was made crystal clear in David Kamp's latest article in Vanity Fair‘s October issue, "Why Late-Night Television is Better than Ever." In case you weren't already aware of the lack of diversity, the image below of this year's lineup spells it out for you (and demonstrates that most, but not all hosts enjoy a glass of bourbon).

The lineup, while said to be "better than ever," has major room for improvement. We like the edit made by former "Daily Show" correspondent Samantha Bee (who has a late-night show scheduled for next year!) in which she's included herself as, well, a centaur:

Much better.

Kam's article isn't totally blind to the lack of women in the lineup, though. He wrote, "How gobsmackingly insane is it that no TV network has had the common sense — and that's all we're talking about in 2015, not courage, bravery, or even decency — to hand over the reins of an existing late-night comedy program to a female person?" We couldn’t agree more. It's not about going out on a limb at this point; it's about common sense.

But there is a silver lining: Bee's upcoming show, "Full Frontal," is scheduled for TBS next year, and joining her in the late-night lineup is Chelsea Handler with a Netflix show also scheduled for next year. Two women on the playing field? It's a start.

Listen to Samantha Bee talk about putting a comedic twist on serious topics in the video above. Then, watch her full MAKERS profile here

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