See Sana Amanat's Most Notable Marvel Characters

Marvel's director of content development and "Ms. Marvel" co-creator, Sana Amanat, is no stranger to shattering gender stereotypes, especially with comic book characters.

Much of the work she's been charged with creating at Marvel is about reaching out to girls and women — bringing them into the world of graphic storytelling, and helping them to feel at home there. Amanat values inclusion above all else, and her current work allows her to continue to work for inclusive storytelling for all readers, regardless of their race, age, gender, or beauty.

Amanat's crowning achievement has been the creation of "Ms. Marvel" in 2014, a series featuring the first-ever Muslim-American comic book superhero, "Kamala Khan," a normal teenage girl who happens to be Muslim. The groundbreaking series immediately skyrocketed to success — going into an unprecedented seven printings in its first year alone. Amanat created Ms. Marvel with the help of her writer, G. Willow Wilson, who has worked on the comic books, Air, Cairo, Mystic, and novels like "Alif the Unseen" and "Butterfly Mosque."

Check out some of Amanat's most notable work in the gallery above, and watch her exclusive Be The Hero story here.

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