Sarah Jessica Parker and Others Show Support for Turnaround Arts

This week, Sarah Jessica Parker paid a visit to Ebbets Field Middle School in Brooklyn, N.Y., in order to help promote the nonprofit organization, Turnaround Arts. She was also joined by Clarence Greenwood, Carla Dirlikov and David Blaine. 

Parker teamed up with Citizen AOL, a fellow huge supporter of the organization, to promote their works. Turnaround Arts uses arts education as a tool to help turn around struggling schools across the country. After a three-year program evaluation of the Turnaround Arts pilot, schools saw significant improvement in academic achievement, reduced disciplinary referrals and increases in attendance. 

Other Artists and involved supporters are happy to to see how Turnaround Artists visits infuse positivity and excitement among the students. 

Join the conversation by following the hashtag #TAHeartsNY and learn more about the nonprofit organization here.

Get to know Parker's story by watching her MAKERS video above.

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