Sarah Jessica Parker's Words Will Inspire You

By Meredith Lepore

Whether you like Sarah Jessica Parker or not (though she is so cute, so that's weird if you don't), you have to give her credit for being a brave and hardworking entrepreneur. In addition to her uber successful acting career, her thriving perfume franchise, "Lovely" is about to celebrate 10 years on the market and her exquisite shoe line just turned 2 years old.

"I did this show and people watched it. I wanted to continue the search. I really like the hunt. It makes me smarter. Any success I have makes me greedier. The more I learn, the more I want to try. I have an insatiable curiosity," she told an audience of female entrepreneurs at the Forbes Women Summit on Thursday in New York City. She said when started working on her perfume line she felt a real connection to the business side of it.

But this isn't to say she hasn’t seen her share of venture failures. She had a clothing line called Bitten that had a very quick death and her stint as the Creative Director of Halston Heritage also didn’t pan out. But she prevailed and was talking about what she learned from these experiences at the summit. "Risk doesn’t scare me," she said.

Apparently Parker is attracted to projects that require a lot of work. She was attracted to Halston because it had this troubled reputation. "I described it like when you’re single and you meet this fellow, say for instance, and everybody says he has warning signs all over him and you're like, 'no no no, I can fix him!'" she said. "First of all, whoever thought that this girl from Ohio that somebody would say, 'Do you want to be creative director of Halston?' How could I say no?! Even it it was a total mess, which it was." She continued, "I'm a bitter ender. It's my greatest flaw. I will cross a finish line bloodied until I recognize there is nothing left to be done."

It is that drive and curiosity that is bringing her to new, exciting projects. Even if they may be doomed, she can say she gave it her all.

"I don't have the constitution to let somebody else do it," she said. "I have to be there, deconstructing it, splitting the atom." And in heels, no less.

Learn more about Parker by watching her exclusive MAKERS story in the video player above.

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