This Satirical Article Hilariously Pokes Fun At Sexist Commentary About Female Olympians

In her recent satirical article, "Some Guy's Wife Wins Gold Medal At Rio Olympics," for BustleGabrielle Moss critiques the blatant sexism pervading the media in regards to female Olympic successes.

Referring to a fictional athlete throughout her piece as "Jim's Wife" and her (also fictional) track and field opponents as other objects, Moss gracefully crafts a hilarious scenario, highlighting how ridiculous some of the recent headlines covering the Olympics have been.

"Jim's Wife — who athletic experts agree 'looks pretty good for her age' — has achieved a startling come-from-behind victory, overtaking early favorites for the gold like Japan's Lady Who Just Had A Baby and Brazil's own Luiz's On-And-Off Girlfriend."

Essentially, Moss makes an otherwise very disappointing topic pretty laughable. Because, that's what sexism really is, right? A joke.

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Photo Credit: Cameron Spencer/Getty Images