Satirical Comic Points Out Workplace Realities for Some Women

Ladies in leadership roles: you know you got where you are by going easy on the male egos in your workplace, right?

You daintily tiptoed your way to the top, and therefore, should be consistent in your non-aggressive way of giving your male counterparts instructions, right?

Writer and comedian Sarah Cooper has some strategies. She strung together some creative ways for women to direct men in a work environment — all through a poignant, satirical comic, of course.

This is because when there is a need for change in the still prevalent, but often nuanced forms of gender inequality, satirical humor can really pack the punch.

Inspired by Cooper's comic featured on The Cooper Review and Everyday Feminism, we shared some other unapologetic feminist cartoons that send big messages in small, clever ways.

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Photo Credit: Facebook/The Cooper Review


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Photo Credit: Facebook/ Liz Donnelly

Photo Credit: Facebook/ Liz Donnelly