School Girls With Autism Publish New Book, "M in the Middle"

Autism spectrum disorder affects four times as many boys as girls, and with that, there is a lack of understanding of what girls on the spectrum experience growing up.

With that in mind, a group of autistic British schoolgirls has written and published a novel narrated by a teenage girl who has autism, titled "M in the Middle."

These students attend Limpsfield Grange school, England's only state-funded residential school for girls. With help from their creative writing teacher, they compiled personal tales — all lighthearted, honest, and even dark — targeting girls much like themselves.

"If society just realized the very simple fact that girls can have autism as well as boys, then the life of girls with autism would instantly be so much better because we wouldn't be so scared of being labeled as weird, abnormal and strange," said Francesca Warren, 14, one of the 70 girls attending the school.

Discrepancies between female and male diagnoses of autism are the result of "diagnostic checklists and tests [that] have been developed for boys and men, while girls and women present completely differently," said the school's head teacher, Sarah Wild.

According to The Guardian, the National Association for Headteachers is planning to hold a conference in order to plan how better to help girls who are on the autism spectrum. For now, however, the girls hope that their book can help other girls on the spectrum feel better understood.

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Photo Credit: Twitter/ Mforautism