This School in India Was Created for Grandmothers

In Maharashtra, India, there's a classroom of almost thirty students — all of whom are grandmothers.

The school named Aajibaichi Shaala (meaning the "school for grandmothers") was created to give women over 60 more independence by combating the country's growing literacy problem.

"Their confidence has increased tremendously," the school's founder Yogendra Bangar, told NowThis in translated subtitles. "If they go anywhere then they don’t have to be dependent on anyone to get their work done."

Bangar hopes that the school will contribute to the fight against literacy problems by building a stronger respect for elder women who are often labeled as "less than" in their communities.

The class meets six days a week for two hours each, and all of the women wear identical pink uniforms. They are learning the basics.

"We have started reading, writing, and also doing our own signatures. So far, we can't read or write very well but still we are trying and we are really enjoying it," student Gulab Shivaji Kedar, told NowThis.

The oldest student in the class is 90 years old.

"You can teach children by shouting or even scolding but you cannot do that with grandmothers. You have to teach them over and over with a lot of love and patience," student Janabai Daji Kedar told NowThis.

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