Sex Ed YouTube Star Laci Green Responds to Criticism with Feminism

It goes without saying, sex education is necessary across the board.

And this education can be taught beyond the classroom walls. Take 26-year-old Laci Green, who has dominated YouTube with her sex education videos.

Green's popular vlog, known as "Sex Plus" has 131 million followers, including organizations like Panned Parenthood and Discovery News. Her channel features light-hearted, relatable content on various topics like health benefits, the gender politics of masturbation, to the "Truth About Herpes." She even has tips for guys on "How to Help Her Orgasm."

With such a large following, her vlog piqued the interest of The New York Times, who ran a profile of the YouTube sex-ed rising star. Though the article referred to Green as "the sex-ed queen of YouTube," Green was also criticized as an amateur, along with other similar non-degree carrying YouTube "doctors."

Even with the article running in "The Critics Notebook," Green followed up with a cutting response on Medium, calling out the profile as a slut-shaming and "sloppy hot-take [written] at the expense of educators."

"One might hope for acknowledgment of the new wave of young people challenging oppressive status quos around sexuality and gender," she writes. "Instead, the article promotes a degrading narrative about the YouTube sex education community."

Using her weapon of feminism, Green goes on, "casting a disapproving eye on the amateur vs. academic elite theme that surfaces throughout the story" writes NYT's Women In The World.

"The most compelling thing about our work is…our youth?" Green responds. "Women are constantly told that as we get older, we become useless to society. Our youth and beauty will wither, our vaginas will dry up, and our careers will suffer."

Check out more from Green's YouTube channel here.

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