MAKER Sheryl Sandberg Shares With Cosmopolitan: "The Secret Career Weapon"

Sheryl Sandberg shares with Cosmopolitan what high school in Miami was like for her — she wasn't considered cool or popular but she did have a group of friends who were known as the "smart girls."

Over the years, they stood by each other through milestones, and she credits their support for positively impacted her career and her life.

Sandberg says the ultimate secret career weapon is women supporting women, and understanding that we are all in this together.

According to Cosmopolitan, research shows that women create more opportunities for other women at work and that's why Sandberg created — a campaign that celebrates women supporting women.

"Everyone needs this kind of connection. We need people who encourage us, believe in us, support us, and remind us that we are not alone," Sandberg says.

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