Sheryl Sandberg's New Campaign Encourages Women to #LeanInTogether

A few years after launching, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting women through community, education, and circles, MAKER Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, created a new campaign: Together Women Can.

Dedicated to celebrating the power of women who #LeanInTogether, Together Women Can emphasizes these four main ways for women to support one another:

1. Be a workplace ally
The only way to eliminate gender bias in the workplace is for employees to work together. Inspire your female coworkers to be the best they can be and allow them to do the same.

2. Be a mentor, have a mentor
It's important to have someone you can turn to. Whether it's for advice or just because you want someone to listen, it is much easier to get through things with a friend and mentor.

"Together, we can go further faster"

3. Be positive
Positivity breeds positivity. If you live optimistically and help empower others to succeed, your self-fulfillment and success will come along with it.

4. Be a role model for girls
Combine all of the above and show younger girls how things should be done. Girls can always use a "big sister" or two to look up to and with a positive attitude, mentorship capabilities, and strong allies, you are the perfect role model.

"Together we can raise a generation of female leaders"

See what these MAKERS are saying about the importance of leaning in together, and join the #LeanInTogether movement.

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