Sheryl WuDunn, Lynn Povich and Chan Marshall Join MAKERS!

The MAKERS community welcomed three extraordinarily talented women this week—Pulitzer Prize-Winning journalist Sheryl WuDunn, the first female sr. editor at Newsweek Lynn Povich and musician Chan Marshall.


Not only is Sheryl WuDunn a Pulitzer Prize-Winning journalist, but she is also a successful business executive, best-selling author and international women’s rights advocate. Despite all of her accomplishments, what earned the Pulitzer was her in-depth reporting with her husband, Nicolas Kirstof, on the Tiananmen Square protests in China. She later worked on both the editorial and business side of The New York Times and wrote the best-selling book Half the Sky, which chronicles the oppression of women worldwide and the practical solutions for their advancement, which spur development. In her interview, WuDunn shares what it felt like to receive such an esteemed prize and how the success in her career did not come free of guilt.


Joining WuDunn is a second women’s rights advocate and journalist, Lynn Povich, who through hard work and determination earned herself the title of the first female senior editor at Newsweek. Despite the multiple glass ceilings in journalism during her time, Povich did not let this stop her from becoming an award-winning journalist and women’s rights pioneer. In 1970, Lynn helped organize a landmark sex discrimination suit against Newsweek leaving her mark not only as intelligent, but also as passionate. Povich shares in her interview the demands of the women behind the lawsuit and the conspiracy that existed behind the revolt.


Third in the group this week is musician Chan Marshall, also referred to by the name of her band—Cat Power. Atlanta born Marshall developed an early attraction to music, leading her down a path where she would later create a successful band. However, the success of Cat Power did not come without its ups and downs. Despite struggles, Chan Marshall is still making music today with release of her latest album Sun this September. In her interview, Marshall describes her songwriting process and her top three career highlights