This Powerful New Video From "She's the First" Will Inspire You in More Ways Than One

We're celebrating the strong women who are making a difference in women's lives around the world.

And that includes these two inspiring girls, Jharana, 11, and Sirjana, 15, pictured above. "She's the First" introduced us to the powerful duo in their new short film Race for Equality.

Jharana and Sirjana, embody this 'champions of equality' spirit — and have a passion for fitness. Along with fellow "She's the First" scholars, they organized a 5K Race for Equality in Surkhet, Nepal.

"Inequality is a problem here because women cannot get same jobs like a man," they say in the video below.

Witnessing firsthand the discrimination women face daily, the girls organized the race to help spread awareness.

"Every woman has the right to be educated."

There were 350 runners and 145 supporters that showed up, "It makes people think about the issue." These girls are an inspiration to their community and to women around the world.

Learn more about how they organized the race and why it was so special in the short film below. Then, head over to "She's the First" to learn how you can get involved. "She's the First" is an international organization that works to empower women by providing scholarships to girls in low-income countries. You can turn your fitness feats and adventures into scholarships for girls like Jharana and Sirjana through the organization's "Sweat for STF" campaign — get started here.

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