Why Shonda Rhimes Is the Reigning Queen of Primetime TV

Are you ready for more ShondaLand?

This season, Shonda Rhimes will be overseeing four different shows through her ShondaLand production company. 

She's behind hit shows "Scandal" and "Grey's Anatomy." Last year's debut of "How to Get Away with Murder" was a total hit, especially with Viola Davis' groundbreaking Emmy win for her role in the show. The seasoned show runner is also behind "The Catch." Holding down four shows has its perks since ABC has given Rhimes TGIT, (Thank God It’s Thursday.) a whole lineup full of her TV shows. 

She spoke with AdWeek recently to discuss this upcoming season. Check out a few highlights below:

On what motivated her to breakthrough into television:
"From the beginning, people would say, "What do you want to do?" and I would say, "I want to take over the world through television." And it was kind of a joke, and everybody would laugh, but if you say something enough, it starts to feel true. I always felt like, "I'm going to have a show." And then I thought, "I'd better have another show, because what if that show goes off the air?" 

On responding to the pressure and stress of running three different shows: 
"None. That's not my job. I don't have anything to do with that. I think it's so funny because people were like, "It's the whole night!" And I was like, "I've had three shows on the network before. They weren't on the same night, but it's happened before. I'm not that stressed about it." I completely understood that everybody else felt like it was a big deal, and my whole job was to not take that in."

On how the networks find her productions trustworthy:
"I think audiences are brand loyal, one. And two, showrunning is not as easy as it seems; I learned very quickly. It is not an art that is taught as much as you think it is. Now that the television industry has exploded and there are 300 percent more television shows than there were, looking for writers, looking for everything else, it's hard out here. Everybody's employed, so there's not as many people to pluck and find. So I think it's just a safer bet."

You can get to know acclaimed showrunner Shonda Rhimes in the video at the top of the page. Learn more about her MAKERS story.

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