Simple & MAKERS Proudly Celebrate Hope Solo



She may be 30 years young, but Hope Solo, goalkeeper of the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team is featured among America’s leading women for a reason.  Her spirit, strength and pioneering contributions to women’s soccer have set her apart.


Most notably in 2008, Hope was the starting goalkeeper for the U.S. team at the 2008 Summer Games in Beijing. Making save after save, her team won the gold.


“All of your life, you work to achieve a goal. My goal has been to win Olympics and World Cups – and bring medals back to our country,” says Hope.


And now she’s gearing up for this year’s Summer Games in London, and with that comes arduous training, frequent travel and changing climates. Hope plays tough on the field, but she also has a sensitive side – her skin. That’s where Simple comes in.


We took the opportunity to sit down with Hope to see where her ambition comes from, get her thoughts on the biggest challenges facing women today and hear how she’s teaming up with Simple.


MAKERS: Who is the most influential woman in your life?


Hope: My grandma, Alice Shaw. She was a speed skater in Duluth, Minnesota. In the hardest of times in my life, I always turn to her to give me the confidence to move forward and to make sure that nothing steals my joy. She always tells me, “you don’t let the devil steal your joy,” meaning, if somebody’s rude to you or life seems unfair, you still have to count on yourself to be happy.


MAKERS: Where do you think your strength comes from?


Hope: My strength comes from overcoming so many challenges in life, professionally and personally. And I don’t think we’d want it easy. Challenges make us grateful for the opportunities that come our way. And I always know life’s not going to continue on a perfect path - you have bumps and you have to maneuver through. And at the end of the day, I know that I will always get through them.


MAKERS: You obviously have a strong, pioneering spirit. How does that align with Simple’s philosophy?


Hope: My philosophy now is to really embrace who I am – even my sensitive skin. Everybody is so different, but embracing who you are, to be the best you that you can be, is something that I really believe in. With Simple, it’s something I believe in because they help individuals become the best that they can be with their skincare. It’s perfect for me to be a part of this, and I’m honored to do so.


MAKERS: How do you think Simple and MAKERS relate to women?


Hope: The women involved in MAKERS all have a belief system they have stuck with that has allowed them to find success. And Simple does the exact same thing – it’s a belief system. They’ve stayed true to their brand and products. Simple connects with MAKERS because they both really embrace a pioneering spirit. MAKERS is all about powerful women out to make a difference in their respective realms, and Simple is out to make a difference in helping women be confident in who they are. I think they go hand-in-hand.


MAKERS: And finally, what do you think is the biggest challenge for today’s young women?


Hope: It seems like a simple idea that we all have different personalities. We come from different cultures and different ethnicities. But at the end of the day when you look at young women, they all want to be a part of a certain group; they all want to be liked and loved. You find women not really finding what it is inside of themselves that makes them happy. If we help young girls embrace who they are at an earlier age, I think that they’d grow up to be more confident, more influential, more powerful and more successful.

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