Singer Sevyn Streeter's "We Matter" Jersey Cost Her a National Anthem Performance

Singer-songwriter Sevyn Streeter was scheduled to sing the national anthem before the Philadelphia 76ers' opening game on Wednesday, but her performance was nixed due to her attire.

Streeter, who has written songs for Chris Brown, Ariana Grande, and others, was wearing a black jersey sporting the words, "We Matter."

Since the Philadelphia 76ers organization honors their policy to "leverage our platform to positively impact our community," as their franchise stated, the words didn't make the cut. The Sixers declined to specifically say why Streeter's performance was canceled.

"I was never given any kind of dress code. I was never asked beforehand to show my wardrobe," the R&B singer told the Associated Press.

Upset by the situation, Streeter posted a video to her Twitter showing her "We Matter" jersey that was deemed too controversial.

There have been a lot of controversies surrounding anthems in the sports world, and Streeter wanted to take a stance against racial oppression.

“…it was important to express the ongoing challenges and ongoing injustice we face as a black community within the United States of America — that's very important to me," Streeter said.

"Yes, we live in the greatest country in the world but there are issues that we cannot ignore. This can't be ignored." 

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