New Campaign Uses Spice Girls Song to Encourage Viewers to Say What They Really Really Want

As if a Spice Girls reunion tour for the 20-year anniversary was not enough of a thrill (and a throwback) for 2016, a new campaign from Project Everyone highlights some of the many reasons why we love the 90s girl band.

The campaign encourages participants to post a picture of #WhatIReallyReallyWant for women and girls to be sent to the leaders at the United Nations in September. The campaign seeks to ensure the U.N. hears the voices of women and girls in order to enact plans to strengthen communities around the world.

Since females are disproportionately affected by world issues like poverty and inequality, Project Everyone hopes to create new global goals with the collective power of its participants.


Watch the full video below and ask yourself, what do you really really want?

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Photo Credit: YouTube/The Global Goals