A Statue of a Defiant Young Girl Is Now Staring Down the Wall Street Bull

While women across the world wore red, took a day off from work, or participated in protests, strikes, and activities in honor of International Women's Day on Wednesday, Wall Street also surprisingly did its part to raise visibility. On Tuesday, a statue of a young girl — defiant, hands on hips—was placed directly in front of the street's famous bronze charging bull.

State Street Global Advisors, the world's third-largest asset manager, is responsible for the statue, which was created as a way of calling attention to the lack of gender diversity on corporate boards and the pay gap of women working in financial services, a spokeswoman for SSGA told Reuters.

The statue is called "Fearless Girl," and the plaque affixed to it reads: "Know the power of women in leadership. SHE makes a difference." According to State Street's deputy global chief investment officer Lori Heinel, the new statue is a way of reopening conversation about traditional, male-oriented Wall Street conventions, Business Insider reports. "One of the most iconic images on Wall Street is the charging bull. So the idea of having a female sort of stand against the bull or stand up to the bull just struck us as a very clever but also creative and engaging way to make that statement," she said.


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The statue is created by artist Kristen Visbal, who told The Wall Street Journal, "I see it as a piece that every woman can and should relate to. ... The bull is symbolic of every issue coming down the pike, that they can stand firm and hold their ground and deal with it."

"Fearless Girl" is not a permanent fixture, sadly. It's expected to remain for another month.

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Photo Credit: Xinhua/Wang Ying/Getty Images