Study Reveals a Mother's Relationship With Child Impacts Success

You might want to re-think those times you got annoyed by your mother's seemingly endless storytelling. Recent studies show that a mother's sensitivity paired with verbosity in the first few years of a child's life, has lifelong effects on their success.

Children of talkative mothers who use a broad range of words tend to speak more, have more opportunities to practice their verbal skills and, in turn, have faster rates of vocabulary growth in comparison to children who hear a more restricted range of words.

According to the study titled, Role of Maternal Reminiscing Style in Cognitive and Socioemotional Development, this is specified when a mother reflects.

"Mothers who are more elaborative in reminiscing with their preschool children about personally experienced events have children who develop more sophisticated autobiographical memory skills," the study reports.

Studies like these show that, through conversations, mothers can scaffold their children's language and help them to develop skills and knowledge – something especially important in the earlier years of a child's development.

"The positive gains in parent-child interaction extends and strengthens prior research on the MB and suggests that potential cost benefits may emerge through improved child health and development across the life course," addressed in the study titled Significance of Early Maternal Sensitivity: Social and Academic Competence Through Age 32 Years"The parent-child interaction findings of improved maternal sensitivity are particularly salient given the enduring effects maternal sensitivity has on social and academic competence from childhood to adolescence and adulthood."

This research comes together to prove something we've all heard time and time again: mothers really do know best.

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