This Study Is More Proof That Sexism Is Real

In a recent study for the Social Psychological and Personality Science journal, conclusions were found that seem to prove the existence of sexism, which is indeed real, if not alive and well — as if you needed a study to tell you that.

Sexism seems to pop up in places where we least expect it. This creates an even deeper problem because it is an unconscious sexism within us that we do not always tap into and, therefore, cannot erase.

The study, which used two metaphors for ideas — "like a lightbulb" and "like a seed" — to determine who 700 adults considered "genius" and which ideas were "exceptional," found that "the combination of "woman" and "genius" doesn't quite compute" for many.

This conclusion is reflective of the prevalent stereotypes in our society. Do you consider Albert Einstein a genius? How about Marie Curie? Both?

"Whereas the seed (vs. light bulb) metaphor increased the perceived genius of female inventors, the opposite pattern emerged for male inventors," the study found.

So, in other words, ideas were "nurtured" by women and "illuminated" by men.

"Nurture and caregiving certainly are feminine-stereotyped traits and describing the act of idea creation in those terms is just more compatible with a female inventor," Kristen Elmore, one of the researchers who conducted the study, stated. "We associate the lightbulb metaphor with genius and we commonly think of genius as male."

Tell us: Which MAKER do you consider to be a "genius"?

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