You've Got Mail: Study Reveals How Men and Women Email

According to a recent Yahoo! labs email study, men and women have slightly different strategies for communication.

Researchers looked at 16 billion emails from 2 million subjects over the course of several months while making note of age, gender, and message length to determine how a variety of factors affected response time and message length, reports Esquire.

Findings revealed that women tended to be more verbose, with a median length of 30 words and a median response time of 24 minutes. Men, on the other hand, sent shorter replies compared to women, with a median length of 28 words and a median response time of 28 minutes. The difference between the two is slight. 

The email study also found that both men and women reply faster to email during weekdays and working hours, and replies are shorter later in the day and during weekends.

Younger people always tend to reply quicker and are better at handling email overload. For teens, median reply length is 17 words with a response median of 13 minutes. Young adults often take 16 minutes to reply, but with longer messages compared to teens with an average of 31 words. 

Research also investigated response behavior within email threads along with how response times are different across mobile, tablet, and desktop platforms. You can learn more and review the full research report here

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