This Study Just Gave Tattoos a Whole New Meaning


Dec 3, 2015

This Study Just Gave Tattoos a Whole New Meaning

Tattoos can apparently serve a higher purpose other than pure artistry. 

A new study suggests that tattoos are linked to higher levels of self-esteem.

The study titled "Tattoos, Gender, and Well-Being Among American College Students" collected data from around 2,395 college-aged students surveyed at six American public universities.

Of all the participants in the study, it was reported that women with four or more tattoos reported higher levels of self-esteem.

"I think women, especially, are more aware of their bodies through, among other things, fat shaming, the cosmetics and plastic surgery industry and hyper-sexualized imagery in media," Texas Tech University Sociology professor Jerome Koch told reporters.

Similar to the past studies on tattoos and the process of healing, researchers found a strong link between tattoo art and trauma survivors, particularly those with visible scars attributed to domestic abuse, self-harm, and mastectomies.

Koch noted the wildly-discussed theme of women's bodies in the media, drawing on the connection between these images and women's perceptions of their own bodies. 

"What we may be seeing is women translating that awareness into empowerment," Koch went on to explain.

Tattoos may get a bad rep but with the number roof studies refuting such negative stereotypes, perhaps body ink will become even more mainstream.

Read the full story here.

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