Study Finds Women Who Give Birth at This Age Could Live Longer

Study Finds Women Who Give Birth at This Age Could Live Longer


Dec 10, 2015

Apparently, some women's biological clocks could indicate their longevity.

A recent study from Boston University School of Medicine revealed that women who are able to give birth naturally after the age of 30 have a higher chance of living to an older age than those who have their last child before the age of 30.

According to the findings reported by, a woman whose body and reproductive system allow for a natural birth later in life suggests that she will age at a slower pace.

The data was compiled from surveying 551 families from the Long Life Family Study, whose families have members who lived to an old age. 

From the 462 women surveyed, researchers found that women who gave birth to their last child after 33 years of age were twice as likely to live to 95 years of age or older, compared to the women who had their last child at 29 years of age.

While giving birth naturally later on in life can yield the benefit of living longer, Boston University biostatics professor and co-author of the study Paola Sebastian clarifies that physically limiting childbirth will not produce the same phenomenon.

"If you physically delay having children, that's not going to help with longevity," Sebastian said.

According to the study, DNA can show signs of genetic variants that slow the aging process and lower the risk of age-related illnesses and diseases that could inhibit fertility difficulties.

The takeaway from all of this?

While biological clocks tend to tick louder as we get older, it all depends on your genetic makeup.

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Photo Credit: Peter Dazeley via Getty Images

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