These Are the Most Dangerous States to Live in as a Woman

These Are the Most Dangerous States to Live in as a Woman


Nov 11, 2015

According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, a woman is assaulted in the U.S. every nine seconds.

As if this statistic isn't daunting enough on its own, approximately one third of American women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime. 

To put this data in perspective, that's one out of every three women you know — be it your sister, daughter, mother, or friend.

While this information is exclusive to sexual assault incidents, the truth is that violence against women is pervasive in many different ways as well as areas.

Across the U.S., women face different levels of threats that vary based on the states where they live. Here's a compilation of data from the FBI, the National Intimate Partner and Violence Survey, and the U.S. Census Bureau on the most dangerous places for women in the U.S. from the years 2010-2014.

See below for 10 states with the largest percentage of women who said they were raped in their lifetime.
1. Alaska (21%)
2. Oregon (21%)
3. Michigan (20%)
4. Nevada (18.8%)
5. New Hampshire (18.7%)
6. Oklahoma (18.6%)
7. Washington (18%)
8. Colorado (18%)
9. Minnesota (16.9%
10. Connecticut (16.9 %)

See below for 10 states where women are most frequently sexually assaulted.
1. Oregon (43.3%)
2. Alaska (42%)
3. Maryland (41.9%)
4. New Hampshire (40.8%)
5. Washington (40.5%)
6. Illinois (38.6%)
7. North Carolina (38.3%)
8. New York (38%)
9. Connecticut (37.2%)
10. Kentucky (36.8%)

Read the full report here for more statistics and to see the infographic.

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