How to Find the Right Career Path: Advice From 4 Powerful, Successful Women

Whether you're just starting out, a few years in, or thinking about taking a leap midcareer, deciding what you want to do in your professional life is one of the most daunting tasks of self-exploration, like, ever.

The editorial team at LinkedIn sat down one-on-one with eight highly accomplished people — all LinkedIn Influencers, top minds in business who regularly blog on the site — among them, four women who offered fantastic advice on finding your own right career path as well as anecdotes on how they, themselves, achieved their goals.

Here's some great career advice from Barbara Corcoran, Suze Orman, Sallie Krawcheck, and Kat Cole:

Barbara Corcoran, cofounder Barbara Corcoran Venture Partners; Shark on ABC's "Shark Tank"; founder and former CEO of The Corcoran Group: "Ignore what your parents say."

Suze Orman, financial adviser and host of "The Suze Orman Show" on CNBC: "I didn't discover it — it discovered me."

Sallie Krawchek, chairwoman of Ellevate Network; former president of Global Wealth and Investment Management division of Bank of America, CFO of Citigroup, CEO of Smith Barney: "I was pregnant. I was 29 years and 10 months, which at the time seemed super old, with an infant, married, unemployed. And I thought, that's it. That's it. I went to college on a scholarship. I've let them down. I went to business school, I got in debt. I've let myself down. I'm done."

Kat Cole, president of Cinnabon: "You can pretty much do anything that you put your mind to."

For more amazing advice, check out every single video in the series right here on LinkedIn. What's your best advice for people just starting out or looking for a career change?

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