Is Susanna Blount Hillary Clinton's Youngest Delegate?


Jul 11, 2016

Is Susanna Blount Hillary Clinton's Youngest Delegate?

Despite her young age, 17-year-old Mississippi native Susanna Blount is very politically aware — first forming her own political opinions when Hillary Clinton ran in 2008.

"I was excited about the prospect of the first woman president," Blount says of being #WithHer, a support that has only increased over the years.

Now, eight years after meeting and taking a picture with the then-senator, Blount has been named what's believed to be the youngest Democratic delegate of the 2016 political cycle.

Here are 3 things you must know about this inspiring high schooler.

1. Susanna Blount is the impressive daughter of David Blount, Mississippi Senator (D-Jackson).

2. Not coincidentally, in the first election of which she will be eligible, Blount will be voting for the very woman who got her interested in politics in the first place (sorry, Papa Blount!).

3. Although she is not yet of legal age to vote (she will be turning 18 in late October), Blount was able to run as a delegate because she will be 18 years old by Election Day — something she decided to do in April 2015 upon learning that Clinton would be running for President.

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Photo Credit: Justin Sellers/The Clarion-Ledger

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