Meet the Good Housekeeping 2017 Awesome Women Awards Honorees

MAKERS Women teamed up with Good Housekeeping and guest editor Melinda Gates in celebration of their 2017 Awesome Women Awards -- an annual campaign h... Read More »

Gloria Steinem’s Homemade Recipe for Action

We're cooking up some "food" for the female soul with trailblazers like Gloria Steinem to raise challenges and spark conversations using action-orient... Read More »

You Can Watch Our MAKERS LIVE at the 2017 Women in the World Summit

The eighth Women in the World Summit will take place April 5-7, 2017 at the David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center in New York City. Among its inspi... Read More »

MAKERS Is Excited to Announce You Can Now Watch Our Past Live “Instagram Stories” On Our YouTube Channel

MAKERS is excited to announce that we will be uploading our live social stories from Instagram onto our YouTube channel saved under our "Instagram S... Read More »

The 2017 MAKERS Conference: Excerpt From "MAKERS: Women Who Make America"

Check out highlights from "MAKERS: Women Who Make America," a documentary narrated by Meryl Streep, that was showcased at The 2017 MAKERS Conference i... Read More »

Exclusive Recap: Day Three of The 2017 MAKERS Conference

The third and last day of The 2017 MAKERS Conference featured a session that focused on the next generation of leaders. The session began with the in... Read More »

The 2017 MAKERS Conference: Kathy Najimy

Award-Winning Actress and Activist Kathy Najimy introduces Actor and Activist, Rosie Perez; Award-Winning Actress and LGBT/HIV Activist, Debra Messing... Read More »

The 2017 MAKERS Conference: The MAKERS Podcast

MAKERS' Senior Producer Nancy Armstrong introduces the MAKERS Podcast featuring Little League's First Girl, Maria Pepe. Download the MAKERS Podcast,... Read More »

The MAKERS Who Marched for Women

In a weekend that celebrated hope and unity, approximately 673 women's marches were held around the world. The MAKERS Team was on the ground in Was... Read More »

The MAKERS of 2016

After a year of many ups and downs for women, MAKERS is excited to have added 25 new groundbreakers, influencers, educators, and organizers to our g... Read More »

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