The 2017 MAKERS Conference: Jimmy Lopez Receives First "MAKERS Dad of the Year" Award

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The 2017 MAKERS Conference: Dads Who Play Barbie

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This Mom Made Her Own "Breastfeeding Barbie"

In an effort to erase some of the stigma surrounding breastfeeding, one Australian mom took it upon herself to challenge public misconceptions and dep... Read More »

Check Out The Influential Women Who Have Their Own Barbie Dolls

In its latest addition to its Sheroes Collection, Barbie has added plus-size model and activist, Ashley Graham to the growing list of women to aspire... Read More »

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New Barbie Dolls Are Inspiring Girls To Be the Best Versions of Themselves

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You Need to See This New Game Developer Barbie

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Misty Copeland Just Got Her Own Barbie Doll

By Meredith Lepore You may not be able to get to see her on the stage at the New York City ballet everyday, but now everyone can have Misty Copeland... Read More »

The 2016 MAKERS Conference: Kim Culmone and Abby Wambach

Watch the VP of Barbie Global Creative, Kim Culmone, present American soccer player and two-time Olympic gold medalist, Abby Wambach, with her own Bar... Read More »

We Are All About Barbie's New Look

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The #AvaBarbie Sold Out in Under an Hour and We're Not Surprised

The perfect gift has come just in time for the holidays, and you can thank Twitter for it. Back in April, Mattel launched a "Sheroes" line of six in... Read More »